Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Saturday Night Phoenix

Again with the not blogging often! Gah!
Mainly I blame my life being ultra messed up at the moment.
My boyfriend and I broke up and he moved out of our house. A mutual decision but still really hard to realise that is the end of a chapter of my life.

Anyway here is a cool photo. Wendy and I at a dubstep club last Saturday.
This was a bit into the night so our make ups are a bit messed up and sweaty.
I couldn't really see anything properly because my contact lenses were blocking the minimal light in the venue hahaha.

Here is me at about 3am after getting home thinking I should take a pic of my outfit haha.
I thought I should post a full body shot thingo, even if I am a bit fatter than I'd like.

Proper post soon I promise
PS: I just got some OCC Lip Tar in the mail THEY ARE AWESOME

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

X - Men equals Sex Men!

So I thought I would write just a weird post because I was thinking about this in the shower this morning hahaa.

My friends probably think I am sex crazed or something because the main way I rate how much I like things is generally how 'cool' it is and how 'sexy' it is and how dangerous it is.

Like the other day I said how cool it would be to have sex with someone dressed up as the Alien from Aliens. Hahah really.

So I was in the shower thinking which X-men character I like the most and which I want to be the most.

I blame this on the fact that I saw X-men First Class the other night. I really loved it. I love prequals and I think it is due to my overwhelming need to know everything about anything that I like.

I have always loved x-men. I have comics, cartoons, art, dvd's ect.
The movie is such a different thing from the comics and cartoons so I have to address them sperately. Boys first.

Professor X
Easily the hottest in this movie I think. He is sooooo cool and really sexy. He is a bit of a smart arse which is awesome and how super great are his powers. NOM NOM NOM.
He is too nice in the other movies if you ask me ( tho I still like him

Well I had never heard of Azazel in the comics but he also wasn't mega popular and involved so I'm not surprised. In the movie he was Hot with a sexy Russian accent, red! Red guys are hot (hello hellboy!) Also he is evil so gets extra points. His powers are awesome and how great is he dressed?!

Ahh beast. I always thought he had the cool factor in the cartoon but not hot factor. In the movie he has the HHHOOOTTT factor but not much cool. I really love werewolves and to me the movie version of beast is a blue super smart werewolf :D


First, I am afflicted with major ginger weakness. I luv them! Banshee is pretty ginger. He is also a but cute and dorky with a smart arse edge. His power is multipurpose and flying is cool.

well there really are sooooo many cool characters in the comic, most of the ones I like only have little parts really but there are two mega stand out as my absolute favorites.


Seriously does anyone not like gambit? He is a hot bad boy with a cute accent and totally has that dark mysterious thing going on.


Ahhh really probably my favorite. Magneto. He is the baddest, smartest but you can totally sympathize with his cause. Super powerful mutant powers and a sense of refinement and culture hahaha. LOVE HIM! I think he is great in the movies and the comic.

I might make a girls post next :)

UPDATE: I started writing this post yesterday and last night I had a dream about Azazel! I had a dream he was going around impregnating people secretly as after he had impregnated people he erased their memory of it. I was annoyed when I found out he had impregnated me then erased the experience and followed him around telling him off, very funny!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Woah! I am stylish!

First, I have been away a bit! Sorry.
I had a big time party weekend then got a bit sick from being out in the cold all weekend.
Work has been stressful because my co worked who knows everything is trapped in Tasmania because a volcano in Chile erupted and there is ash all in the sky so no one can fly anywhere.

But on to blog stuff

Oh look I got a stylish blogger award from super awesome Vulcan Butterfly.

I don't often think of myself as stylish, more like crazy with a tiny hint of style hahaha!

So now I have to write 7 facts about me.

1: From the age of 8 till 17 I was an international athelete. I competed in Track and road racing all over the world and competed in the 2000 Paralympics. Even tho I was very good (ranked 8th in the world and 2nd in Australia) I quit because I felt I had other more creative things with my life.

2: I am in a wheelchair because I had a blood clot on my spinal cord when I was in the womb. It blocked some nerves growing and damaged some that were already grown. When I was 3 days old they cut me open and cut part of the clot off and stapled the rest down. So I have 5 staples in me right now! :o

3: It turns out the blood clot was caused by a weird genetic flaw that has been passed down through my mums side of the family. It's called HHT (it was in an episode of House! )

4: Here in Sydney we had a gothic festival every year called Under the Blue Moon. I was the markets coordinator for 4 years. I got interviewed for the newspaper in the 3rd year.
Here is the funny picture that was in the paper (How long is my hair!!!)

5: Eels are my favorite animals EVER. I also like sharks, squids, Cuttlefish, goats and koi fish.

6: I often get depressed that I am not: a. a werewolf
b. a real redhead
c. someone with a cool accent
d. a wizard
e. a mutant in the xmen (more likey the brotherhood)
f. married to James McAvoy

7: I reallllllllyyyy love ridiculous shoes. HUGE stiletto heels crazy unwalkable shoes. I also like the sort of toned down versions of these but it's VERY hard for me to wear these. As I am not actually standing up they don't make me taller they just make my feet sit higher on the footplate of my wheelchair, this means I have to find a higher cushion to go on the seat, which is annoying.
I buy these shoes anyway! A lot of them sit on a bookcase for me to drool at.
My latest pair are actually wearable as they have a bit of ankle support.
Sorry this is a crud iphone photo as I have lost the cable to my camera :*(

I will pass this nomination on to Cassykins vs the World cos she has awesome ginger head style!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Breaking all the make up rules - BLUE!

I can't believe I am 27! It all seems down hill from 25 if you ask me.

Last night my super best friend ex boyfriend Aaron took me out for dinner.
I decided to break some beauty rules and wear only blue eye shadow with blue eyes :o

Gah! My fringe (bangs) soo long!

Aaron gave me the best present in the world! I was so excited I screamed and jumped up and down in the car!

Yes! 7 lady Gaga 7 inch picture disc records!

Some people hate Lady Gaga and some people love her. A bunch of my goth friends and I are bbiiiggg Gaga fans, one of these fans is a DJ so we often get to dance to Gaga/Metallica mash up techno songs at goth clubs hahahaha!

Here are some more make up pictures, blue makes me look a bit like a zombie (not in a cool way)
so I will be wearing pink and purple tonight(my actual birthday)
I do like the blue with the gold liner tho :)
Also an excuse to wear that blue MAC peacocky lipgloss

I figured I should post some with glasses because I wear them almost constantly.

Here is a great example of my crazy crimped hair!
My colour is washing out and I have been too busy/lazy to recolour
I love this new shiny headband from ebay.

As it is Friday night, my birthday and I am excited, I am now off to go to a metal show. YAY
Lots of people from interstate are coming to Sydney, which is exciting because Australia is HUGE and we have to travel ages to hang out with eachother.
Have a nice weekend people!
What are you doing on the weekend?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bringing back the CRIMP!

Well, the other day on a whim(like anything I buy from ebay is not on a whim haha), I got something amazing off Ebay.

A HAIR CRIMPER also called a crimping iron. I love it!!!

My one is a Vidal Sassoon Total Crimp.
I feel naked without crimped hair now. hahahaha! Here are some pictures!

Usually I have to get up early to do my hair every morning because I have to wet and blow dry my hair into a pedantic concave bob. It have to do it everyday because my hair has an annoying kink around the tops of my ears and a big cow lick in my fringe. (shown in the pics above)

It's weird that the crimp will stay in my hair for DAYS before I have to wash and redo and that only leaves my fringe to blow dry and occasionally dry shampoo. Soooo low maintenance
Looks very crazy and a bit 80's but I love it and people on the street keep coming up to me so it must be ok. I want more people to bring crimping back.

Why should I have to endure MC hammer pants but crimped hair is still a but "80's"
Also my hair is a fair bit more red than usual due to my lack of orange hair dye, must reorder!

Also I haven't posted a lot because last Friday my best friend Shane left Australia to go to Mexico for 8 months, he is getting married and having a holiday then coming back with his awesome wifey Nadia. So I have been a bit sad.

Here are some photos of us, very drunk.

Shane, Tim and I (Guna hiding in the background)

Nice view of our table (which had JUGS of cocktails)

Shane, Tim and I
I think I wanted to do a sexy pose but also get my Ironman shirt in a photo haha

I drank a lot of Long Island ice tea :s got home at 3am
Who likes cocktails and what kind?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Werewolf Party Time

So the other weekend I went to my friends housewarming party.
I had a friend coming over to have some make up done for a show he was doing that night (singing in a glam rock band) so I also invited some friends over to hang out before we left for the party.

Here is the make up I did for the party, Pink and Purple smokey eye.
Also all my lipstick has come off due to drinking cider that was given to me by my friend who I did some make up for and you can see where is is left on the outside of my lip.

Who can guess where my necklace is from? (it's a movie)

For this make up I used: Sugarpill Poison Plum
BenNye Fuschia pressed eyeshadow
BenNye Royal Purple and Fuschia creme (as a base)
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner (the purple one)
Illmasqua precison ink in Abyss
BenNye cream foundation in Beige
Illamasqua Blush in Lover
Ben Nye contour powder (forget the name)
Some random eyelashes
'Green Werewolf' Contact lens (I think Crazy Eyes brand)

Of course when I am drunk I have to play Rock Band on Xbox.
Here is me drumming up a storm in my loungeroom with my friends.
I do not recomend drumming if you are in a wheelchair (like me) and can't use the kick pedal.
You can see here I am using one of the sticks to hit the kick pedal hahaha

Here is my co worker Ben, he is a roller derby ref.
Here we are at the party.
We were talking about how I hate superman and who would win out of superman and hulk.
I was sitting under a HUGE superman poster and I didn't even realise :o

Oh Very Orange Hair, I love you.

The other day I dyed my hair and I was super excited about how orange/red it turned out.
It's usually very orange but today it was especially orange. So I figured it would be a good time to talk about as people often ask me about it.

I used Directions Coral Red in the front and Directions Pillar Box red in the back
Oh and I blow dried it well for once hahaha

Nice view here of the puffy back, I love when the back it big.

It is more orange in the front (also eeep no make up!)

Good old bathroom mirror pic! including cliche Japanese tattoo.

It's quiet often people come up to me in the street to ask how I keep my hair this colour.
I tell them "It's a pain in the arse" and it really is. To really keep it ORANGE I dye it about once a week, twice if I have a special midweek event.

I bleach my hair maybe once a month to keep the roots bright and if the previously bleached sections have gotten dull or discoloured.

I only use Directions colour. I find the range is the best, the most colours, and nice proper orange reds instead of pinky reds. They also last the longest and have the most colour out of all the dyes I have tried (this includes: Manic Panic, Fudge, Stargazer and drugstore colours)
I use sulfate free shampoo and colour lock conditioner that actually contains a light colourant (red of course)
Once I have used product in my hair I try to to have to wash it until I am nearly ready to dye it again as it strips out the colour.

I usually wash my hair and colour on Friday nights so it's nice and fresh for the week end :)

Who dyes their hair?! how often? what with?