Thursday, June 16, 2011

Woah! I am stylish!

First, I have been away a bit! Sorry.
I had a big time party weekend then got a bit sick from being out in the cold all weekend.
Work has been stressful because my co worked who knows everything is trapped in Tasmania because a volcano in Chile erupted and there is ash all in the sky so no one can fly anywhere.

But on to blog stuff

Oh look I got a stylish blogger award from super awesome Vulcan Butterfly.

I don't often think of myself as stylish, more like crazy with a tiny hint of style hahaha!

So now I have to write 7 facts about me.

1: From the age of 8 till 17 I was an international athelete. I competed in Track and road racing all over the world and competed in the 2000 Paralympics. Even tho I was very good (ranked 8th in the world and 2nd in Australia) I quit because I felt I had other more creative things with my life.

2: I am in a wheelchair because I had a blood clot on my spinal cord when I was in the womb. It blocked some nerves growing and damaged some that were already grown. When I was 3 days old they cut me open and cut part of the clot off and stapled the rest down. So I have 5 staples in me right now! :o

3: It turns out the blood clot was caused by a weird genetic flaw that has been passed down through my mums side of the family. It's called HHT (it was in an episode of House! )

4: Here in Sydney we had a gothic festival every year called Under the Blue Moon. I was the markets coordinator for 4 years. I got interviewed for the newspaper in the 3rd year.
Here is the funny picture that was in the paper (How long is my hair!!!)

5: Eels are my favorite animals EVER. I also like sharks, squids, Cuttlefish, goats and koi fish.

6: I often get depressed that I am not: a. a werewolf
b. a real redhead
c. someone with a cool accent
d. a wizard
e. a mutant in the xmen (more likey the brotherhood)
f. married to James McAvoy

7: I reallllllllyyyy love ridiculous shoes. HUGE stiletto heels crazy unwalkable shoes. I also like the sort of toned down versions of these but it's VERY hard for me to wear these. As I am not actually standing up they don't make me taller they just make my feet sit higher on the footplate of my wheelchair, this means I have to find a higher cushion to go on the seat, which is annoying.
I buy these shoes anyway! A lot of them sit on a bookcase for me to drool at.
My latest pair are actually wearable as they have a bit of ankle support.
Sorry this is a crud iphone photo as I have lost the cable to my camera :*(

I will pass this nomination on to Cassykins vs the World cos she has awesome ginger head style!


Cassykins said...

Aww, thank you! I love using my red hair to win people over, lol

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

LOVE those shoes! That is pretty awesome that you were an international athlete! I'd love to go to Under the Blue Moon, I love a good goth festival! It must have been fun to play such a big part in it!