Friday, June 10, 2011

Breaking all the make up rules - BLUE!

I can't believe I am 27! It all seems down hill from 25 if you ask me.

Last night my super best friend ex boyfriend Aaron took me out for dinner.
I decided to break some beauty rules and wear only blue eye shadow with blue eyes :o

Gah! My fringe (bangs) soo long!

Aaron gave me the best present in the world! I was so excited I screamed and jumped up and down in the car!

Yes! 7 lady Gaga 7 inch picture disc records!

Some people hate Lady Gaga and some people love her. A bunch of my goth friends and I are bbiiiggg Gaga fans, one of these fans is a DJ so we often get to dance to Gaga/Metallica mash up techno songs at goth clubs hahahaha!

Here are some more make up pictures, blue makes me look a bit like a zombie (not in a cool way)
so I will be wearing pink and purple tonight(my actual birthday)
I do like the blue with the gold liner tho :)
Also an excuse to wear that blue MAC peacocky lipgloss

I figured I should post some with glasses because I wear them almost constantly.

Here is a great example of my crazy crimped hair!
My colour is washing out and I have been too busy/lazy to recolour
I love this new shiny headband from ebay.

As it is Friday night, my birthday and I am excited, I am now off to go to a metal show. YAY
Lots of people from interstate are coming to Sydney, which is exciting because Australia is HUGE and we have to travel ages to hang out with eachother.
Have a nice weekend people!
What are you doing on the weekend?


Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Happy birthday! Awesome present, those look sweet! It IS all downhill from 25, isn't it lol! I love Peacocky on you and your hair looks cool even though it's washing out a bit. The crimps make it look like you have different stripes of colour! SWEET!

VijiiS said...

Happy birthday! Blue eyeshadow looks great on you. <3

Cassykins said...

Happy Birthday! I just realized I'm not 27 yet. I totally told someone that's how old I was recently. Ever since I hit 25, I can't keep track, lol.

Red Lips, Black Hair said...

You are too hot! ;)

Lycanthropica said...

aww thanks :)

Lycanthropica said...

Hahaha I am the same,since 25 I reaaallly have to think how old I am!

Lycanthropica said...

thanks :)

Lycanthropica said...

Oh I am glad it's just not me who thinks that it's downhill from 25, I think we are meant to get a 2nd wind at 40 tho hahahaha!