Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NOTD - Stamping Mani - Silver Fishnet - Konad M57

I have been wanting to try out more of my stamping plates but as my nails are massive I can't use some of the smaller more precision designs. One of which is the fishnet type design on the M57 plate. So I demanded my lovely friend Katie who had tiny hands should let me use her nails for experimentation.

Here is the lovely Spotted Stingray plush helping Katie model

A tiny bit messy but not bad for a first go.

China Glaze Liquid Leather with Konad Silver polish over the top

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sexy Star Wars is Sexy - Darth Talon

Oh look it's my good friend Kendall! She is dressed (and I use the term loosely haha) as Darth Talon from the Star Wars extended universe.

Kendall and I are both joining the 501st (A group of people who dress up as characters from Star Wars but only the Empires side) The guidelines are pretty strict on the costumes as they often get paid to go to events like DVD launches, movie launches and all (they donate any money they get paid to charity)

I had to help Kendall out as her costume is mostly her body painted red and black. Hahaha.
We had to do this three times before she was approved (as this was the first time anyone has completed a Darth Talon costume for the 501st in THE WHOLE WORLD and they kept saying to change the tattoos)

We got a drill down pat after the third time. First, paint Kendall red with body paint and a roller (like you paint your walls with) let that dry.
Second, using stencils and an airgun paint on the tattoos (also using body paint)
Third stick on Kendalls lekku (the head tentacles) with prosthetic glue and stuff. paint her face red and black. Fourth put on her outfit.

It was a lot of fun even tho it took forever! It was great to get to do most of the work as Kendall had to stand still to avoid smudging herself. It was a great lesson in air brushing, dealing with people being still for a long time and the importance of how you cut out your stencils.

I took all the photos also and we really happy with how they turned out, esp the one above!

Of course as the 501st is primarily fun and silly we had to have the obligatory Sith Lord Darth Talon doing something mundane.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Australia day? Evil Blue Cyber day!!

So the 26th of January is Australia day. This is when the first fleet (a bunch of ships carrying a bunch of criminals from the UK) landed in Port Jackson in Sydney in 1788 to make a lovely new commonwealth country. Also know as Invasion day due to the fact that there were already indigenous people here (who like many in other countries) were not treated that well by the new people coming here.

Mostly it is a public holiday where lots of yobbos get wasted and wear the flag as a cape :/
Which is ugly and horrible and I hate yobbos.

Our friend was putting on a goth club in a really cute venue the night before (yay no work we can stay out late on a Wednesday) so we decided to go have fun. Unfortunately the super cute venue was in Kings Cross.

King Cross is sort of famous for being a place to party as there are a lot of bars open late, strip clubs and all sorts of crazyness. No one I really hang around goes there as it is usually full of drunk rowdy tourists and out of town people acting like wankers. It was going to me at maximum wanker capacity due to the public holiday.

With this in mind I decided to wear angry scary make up so I would at least be scaring people while they annoyed me.
This is what I came up with!

I love the fire contacts combined with all the blue ^_^

I am actually disappointed that I am pulling a not very scary face here but you get the idea.
We were already drunk at this point (on the platform at the train station near out house, hence the sexy tiles in the back ground) as we decided we needed to be drunk to get through the ordeal of getting to The Cross and walking through it to the club, and this is the only pic I took :(

But look! Here is my cat Luci sleeping on my cleaned and drying powder puffs and sponges

Awww she is soooo cute :)

Green hair purple eyes

So I died my hair green while I was away fixing up my IRL life!
I also shaved off my eyebrows which I think is the best thing I have done in ages!

So the weekend after my car accident I became really ill with a virus and was vomiting up everything I ate or drank for 48 hours. It was horrible, I couldn't get out of bed, I couldn't eat or drink and it was so hard to sleep because I felt so ill.

The week following that I got a flu. I couldn't talk or eat solid things as my throat was killing me.
I still have a cough and loose my voice at the drop of a hat now :(

The silver lining to being run over by a taxi and your wheelchair being ruined?
You get to pick new wheels! After much deliberation I decided to get the more expensive but totally the most awesome sexiest tough brutal cyber wheels ever made!!

I love them soooooo much!!!

These photos were from 3 weeks ago and it was the first time I had worn make up or lenses since I got hit. These are plain purple lenses. I Like their high impact. Also these are new super huge eyelashes from BYS (a cheap Australian brand found in dollar shops and cheap department stores) they are pretty plasticy so can be hard to glue on but for 7 bucks they look AWESOME

How is everyone? I missed you all! I have over 1000 unread blog posts in my reader! :o