Friday, February 12, 2010

Cute Knits V1.0

Filling up a blog with just all ugly isn't that hard or interesting so I had to add some cute!

I'm not often a fan of knitted things for animals but this one is awesome.
This cute free pattern is from Drops Designs. (aww puppy!) If you check out the ravelry projects for this there are also some really cute cat coats!

The cutest thing I think I have ever seen are these baby goats in sweaters (jumpers)!
Machine knit for the kids so they don't get cold. These pics are from Fias Co Farm, A goat husbandry site.

Ugly Knitting V1.2

I don't want to seem to negative. I love that people offer patterns for free, even big yarn companies with their pdfs saturated in advertising.

I only have one issue with it; when these big companies offer a pattern for free they don't really have to stop to think 'Why would someone pay for this?' This seems to give birth to some delightfully horrendous knits.

These two patterns make me feel funny inside, both from the same designer I stare at them wondering 'Why?'
Team Norge

Don't get me wrong, I love Norway and can even speak a bit. Also they completely are gods of knitting. Even if I was a Norse knitting goddess I don't really think I would want to wear this around(esp in winter brrrr!)

Cold Much Mantle

I don't thing I would want to wear this to Antarctica even though there is no one there to see you apart from pengiuns and seals.