Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Saturday Night Phoenix

Again with the not blogging often! Gah!
Mainly I blame my life being ultra messed up at the moment.
My boyfriend and I broke up and he moved out of our house. A mutual decision but still really hard to realise that is the end of a chapter of my life.

Anyway here is a cool photo. Wendy and I at a dubstep club last Saturday.
This was a bit into the night so our make ups are a bit messed up and sweaty.
I couldn't really see anything properly because my contact lenses were blocking the minimal light in the venue hahaha.

Here is me at about 3am after getting home thinking I should take a pic of my outfit haha.
I thought I should post a full body shot thingo, even if I am a bit fatter than I'd like.

Proper post soon I promise
PS: I just got some OCC Lip Tar in the mail THEY ARE AWESOME


Vulcan_Butterfly said...

LOVE your eye makeup with those contacts!! Awesome! I love your outfit as well! Make sure you post some swatches of those lip tars, I only have one and I'd love to see what colours you got!

Sorry to hear about your boyfriend situation :( Hopefully it will open up a new chapter in your life that will be even better.

Cassykins said...

I'm sorry to hear about your breakup. Never easy, but definitely a great time to start something new and great (not necessarily another person, just anything!)

OMG I was late to the Lip Tar bandwagon, too, but aren't they awesome? Which did you get?

Magdalena Piechal said...

Alskar sminket :D

Lycanthropica said...

Tack :)

Lycanthropica said...

Yeah I am using to to start a new chapter, I'm actually learning to contact juggle! First lesson this week!
Lip tar is AMAZING, I got Anime, Saftey Orange, a purple one and a blue one I forgot the names hahaha

Lycanthropica said...

thanks :)

I got Anime, Saftey Orange, a purple one and a blue one I forgot the names lip tars, I will post some swatches soon. They are so good!

Cassykins said...

They actually had a sale this past weekend and I was sooooo tempted to buy more. I'm still waiting to hear back how much it will cost to fix my camera, though, so I am being really picky about what I spend money on until I hear something.