Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh Very Orange Hair, I love you.

The other day I dyed my hair and I was super excited about how orange/red it turned out.
It's usually very orange but today it was especially orange. So I figured it would be a good time to talk about as people often ask me about it.

I used Directions Coral Red in the front and Directions Pillar Box red in the back
Oh and I blow dried it well for once hahaha

Nice view here of the puffy back, I love when the back it big.

It is more orange in the front (also eeep no make up!)

Good old bathroom mirror pic! including cliche Japanese tattoo.

It's quiet often people come up to me in the street to ask how I keep my hair this colour.
I tell them "It's a pain in the arse" and it really is. To really keep it ORANGE I dye it about once a week, twice if I have a special midweek event.

I bleach my hair maybe once a month to keep the roots bright and if the previously bleached sections have gotten dull or discoloured.

I only use Directions colour. I find the range is the best, the most colours, and nice proper orange reds instead of pinky reds. They also last the longest and have the most colour out of all the dyes I have tried (this includes: Manic Panic, Fudge, Stargazer and drugstore colours)
I use sulfate free shampoo and colour lock conditioner that actually contains a light colourant (red of course)
Once I have used product in my hair I try to to have to wash it until I am nearly ready to dye it again as it strips out the colour.

I usually wash my hair and colour on Friday nights so it's nice and fresh for the week end :)

Who dyes their hair?! how often? what with?


VijiiS said...

I use pink on some of my hair, which actually sticks around for a while. I'm not scared to let it fade quite a bit, so I refresh the dye every two months. I'm actually quite lax about my hair. It's amazing that you dye so often to keep your color vibrant. Wow! Props!

Cassykins said...

Awesome color! I've hopped on the henna bandwagon, so I guess that's kind of my thing from now on (since it's super permanent and I am not thinking about cutting my hair any time soon) I apply it once every few months, just because at that point my roots are getting obnoxious. I think you commented on one of my posts about the henna process, it's pretty long (it has to sit in your hair for hours) and messy, so that's the down side.

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Awesome post! I was actually going to ask you what you used to get such a bright colour! I love how you transitioned from red in the back to orange in the front, it looks fantastic! I used to dye my hair various colours and it did take a lot of upkeep. I used to use Jerome Russel Punky Colour, Manic Panic, Directions, and Special Effects. I found that Special Effects stayed in the longest. Due to my line of work, I am no longer able to wear unnatural hair colours.
Also, pointy bangs = WIN! Love them!

Lycanthropica said...

I really want to try punky colour I have heard good things! I have a few friends in the same position as you with their work, they have great collections of hair falls and wigs :)

Lycanthropica said...

oh yes I did comment on your post about it, the colour is awesome but way long for my patenice, I only leave my directions in for 30 mins!

Lycanthropica said...

Because it's winter here and I don't want to go to the beach or wash my hair as much it's not too bad. In summer when I swim all the time I had my hair pink and orange so it faded to a nice pastel colour, no chance of keeping it bright all the time in summer here, tooo hot