Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Drag tastic! Lycanthropica does Drag Make up

So I am back after a while away. I will post about that later, right now I am too excited and want to post about the Drag make up class I attended last weekend!!

It was held at 3 Arts Make Up College in Sydney (which is luckily a 10 min walk from my house) and is also where I did my beauty and fashion make up course.

This was my teacher!!!! Philmah Bocks! She was amazing!

She makes all these wigs herself, from foam they are super light and super amazing looking and completely drenched in glitter!

The main reason I wanted to do this course was to be able to use the skills I learned here on girls. Most goths / lolitas are into having biiiiggggg eyes and HUGE eye make up. Not to mention drawn on eyebrows. So covering up existing eyebrows was a big thing I wanted to learn here.

I initially wanted to do this class on my own face but my teacher at 3 arts said that it would be in my best interest to use a model so I could really see what I was doing, to be less influenced by my normal make up routine and also because it is harder to do make up on other people as you are not used to their face shapes.

Hmmmmm, This was going to be difficult to choose, most of my friends who are boys have beards or are REALLY feminine looking goth guys. I didn't want to use either of those as it would be too hard or too easy.

So I think, hmm who has an sexy male face without face hair who would be willing to be my victim?!

Mr Reptilian, jaw line to kill for.

This guy! My awesome friend, lets call him Mr Reptilian (to protect his identity) I constantly catch myself staring at his jaw, lips and INSANE eyelashes!

Seriously his bottom eyelashes are bigger than my top lashes! Also Mr Reptilian has quite manly eyebrows which will be a challenge to cover which is what I am after. Yay!

The class was in my favourite sort of format, the teacher shows you each step on a model and talks about it, you go do it and the teacher walks around asking if you need help and giving you tips.

Philma was in drag while teaching the class but had a neat goatee and was a lil bit masculine so we were told to refer to her/him as Bocks which is apparently the more masculine side of the persona.

I was trying to be pretty delicate applying make up to Mr Reptilian as I have been told that I can be a bit heavy handed, Bocks came over and told me I am was being too delicate and that I should be a bit harder and use mroe product, he grabbed Mr Reptilians face and smeared it with paint stick foundation, Hahahaha it was pretty funny and awesome seeing him being man handled.

Covering the eyebrows was done with spirit gum and SFX wax which was awesome. I had used wax before but never used spirit gum, it really makes the difference, letting the wax set is also important. What you cover the wax with is SUPER important and I would suggest a thick oil based foundation, like the paint stick. I used Ben Nye Cream foundation which is pretty thick and I only wear for going out and dancing as it is quite thick but it was not thick enough to cover the wax on Mr Reptilians face!

This stage is after the foundation, contouring and eye shadow is finished

Here is Bocks model Vince, I was wondering where he found such a normal 'blokey' looking guy for a model and it turns out that Vince and Bocks are married. Wish I was married to an amazing make up artist!! Bocks did use his hands to apply make up which terrified my teachers who were also doing the class haahahha, but it's his husband so meh hahaha! He was very happy to share his products if you didn't have the correct ones in your own kit which was great. Most of my kit is Ben Nye as that is what 3 Arts mostly sells but Bocks used almost exclusively Kryolan, man was I jealous!!! So getting some of their oil based foundation colours for contouring!!

I am not going to go into the whole class but there are a few main tips fot this sort of thing which I will write a post about for each one. These aren't just drag concepts, they are just pretty much fashion make up taken to the extreme.

1. Heavy contouring to create the face shape (high cheekbones, soften jaw etc)

2. Creating a false eye socket (this will be higher than your normal one, requiring you to cover your eyebrows) This makes your eyes look MASSIVE yay!

3. Using fake eyelashes on the new lash line you created rather than your actual lash line

4. Creating amazing eyebrows

5. The type of lighting you apply this type of make up in (esp if you are using this for stage)

6. Making your lips big but not clown face.

Bocks used all browns and neutrals on Vince and did a lot of soft shading on the eye shadow (which you can see in the picture) I have never really been in to 'soft' things and don't really own many neutrals (on purpose so I don't feel tempted to use them) so mine was a little more extreme and Mr Reptilian decided it would be cool to be egyptian or a geisha so I did a bit of egyptian eyes with smaller geisha lips. So mine does not exactly reflect the teachers look but it certainly does use the concepts :)

I will say for these sorts of looks you need MASSSSIIIIVVEEEE fake eyelashes.
I was using sort of big ones on Mr Reptilian but his natural eyelashes are SO HUGE that they just looked the same length :/

Also as he is a boy who has never worn make up it was IMPOSSIBLE to get near his bottom waterline and even hard to apply make up to his bottom eyelid, later on in the night he claimed to have flash backs to this 'traumatising pokeage' which gave him phantom flinches hahahaha!

What do you think?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween - The sexy luciferian deamon

Sooo I haven't posted in ages. I have been going to the hospital nearly everyday for a bunch of crazy tests. I am actually glad about this, which might seem weird but it's important that I get checked up because I have HHT and this can cause AV malformations in my body and they are bad.

Anyway now all my tests are done and I get the results this Friday I can be back to blogging!

Here is the ONLY picture of me from Halloween. It was dumb of me to not take any pictures but I was rushing and wasn't very well.

I was pleased with my outfit as it made an old lady on the train scream, which was so worth the total uncomfortable feeling and limited vision I experienced wearing these contact lenses haha!

I did want the thing on my chest to be the sigil of lucifer but I had to settle with a pentagram as I was rushing and that was far easier to do.
I made the horns and antlers myself and am pretty happy with them but looking at them in a flash photo makes them look a bit shiney so I might repaint them and take some new photos.

I am also going to write a tutorial about how to make your own horns

Hope everyone is good :)