Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bringing back the CRIMP!

Well, the other day on a whim(like anything I buy from ebay is not on a whim haha), I got something amazing off Ebay.

A HAIR CRIMPER also called a crimping iron. I love it!!!

My one is a Vidal Sassoon Total Crimp.
I feel naked without crimped hair now. hahahaha! Here are some pictures!

Usually I have to get up early to do my hair every morning because I have to wet and blow dry my hair into a pedantic concave bob. It have to do it everyday because my hair has an annoying kink around the tops of my ears and a big cow lick in my fringe. (shown in the pics above)

It's weird that the crimp will stay in my hair for DAYS before I have to wash and redo and that only leaves my fringe to blow dry and occasionally dry shampoo. Soooo low maintenance
Looks very crazy and a bit 80's but I love it and people on the street keep coming up to me so it must be ok. I want more people to bring crimping back.

Why should I have to endure MC hammer pants but crimped hair is still a but "80's"
Also my hair is a fair bit more red than usual due to my lack of orange hair dye, must reorder!

Also I haven't posted a lot because last Friday my best friend Shane left Australia to go to Mexico for 8 months, he is getting married and having a holiday then coming back with his awesome wifey Nadia. So I have been a bit sad.

Here are some photos of us, very drunk.

Shane, Tim and I (Guna hiding in the background)

Nice view of our table (which had JUGS of cocktails)

Shane, Tim and I
I think I wanted to do a sexy pose but also get my Ironman shirt in a photo haha

I drank a lot of Long Island ice tea :s got home at 3am
Who likes cocktails and what kind?


Cassykins said...

I totally used to rock the crimped hair. I know I still have an iron around here somewhere. My hair was super straight when I was younger, so I loved crimpers and curlers and anything to add some interest to my boring locks.

Hmm... I guess my favorite drink would be a Blue Hawaiian (coconut run is a huge selling point for any drink, and I don't even like coconut!)

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

YES! Way to bring back crimped hair! I actually could NOT find a crimper a couple of years ago.....I finally found one in a pawn shop and bought it (kind of gross, but I really wanted one!) I used to crimp my hair when it was long and it looked cool, but now I have some version of an angled bob. When I cut my hair short I thought I could not use it anymore....WRONG! I love the crimped look of the angled bob! I think it looks fabulous on you! I do it when I'm going out because sometimes I get bored of the same old angled bob look (there isn't all that much you can do with it, is there?) The crimps look super fabulous with your bright hair!

Thankfully it is Friday tomorrow....I could certainly use a jug of cocktail! I haven't had a Long Island iced tea in forever but they are great now that you mention it! I'm simple usually when it comes to drinking, all I need is a nice double rye in diet coke with a splash of lime.

Lycanthropica said...

Oh no! I think a pawn shop one is cooler! hahaha. Yes I get so bored of my angled bob, but I also was too lazy for longer hair. I bought a few wigs the other week to curb my bordem! will have to post about them.

Double rye?! Like Vodka or whiskey? I don't think people in Australia drink 'rye' hahaha

Lycanthropica said...

Oooo! In the far right of the picture 2nd from the bottom, there is a jug of Blue Hawaiian but they called it Blue Lagoon, it was soooo swwwweeettt.

How weird is is when you like a fake taste of something and not the real thing! I am like that with candy bananas but don't really like real bananas

Cassykins said...

I'm an awful drinker, I prefer things that are fruity and sweet and neon colored. Midori Sour is another favorite because it's neon green. I don't even want to imagine what color these things are turning my insides.