Wednesday, June 22, 2011

X - Men equals Sex Men!

So I thought I would write just a weird post because I was thinking about this in the shower this morning hahaa.

My friends probably think I am sex crazed or something because the main way I rate how much I like things is generally how 'cool' it is and how 'sexy' it is and how dangerous it is.

Like the other day I said how cool it would be to have sex with someone dressed up as the Alien from Aliens. Hahah really.

So I was in the shower thinking which X-men character I like the most and which I want to be the most.

I blame this on the fact that I saw X-men First Class the other night. I really loved it. I love prequals and I think it is due to my overwhelming need to know everything about anything that I like.

I have always loved x-men. I have comics, cartoons, art, dvd's ect.
The movie is such a different thing from the comics and cartoons so I have to address them sperately. Boys first.

Professor X
Easily the hottest in this movie I think. He is sooooo cool and really sexy. He is a bit of a smart arse which is awesome and how super great are his powers. NOM NOM NOM.
He is too nice in the other movies if you ask me ( tho I still like him

Well I had never heard of Azazel in the comics but he also wasn't mega popular and involved so I'm not surprised. In the movie he was Hot with a sexy Russian accent, red! Red guys are hot (hello hellboy!) Also he is evil so gets extra points. His powers are awesome and how great is he dressed?!

Ahh beast. I always thought he had the cool factor in the cartoon but not hot factor. In the movie he has the HHHOOOTTT factor but not much cool. I really love werewolves and to me the movie version of beast is a blue super smart werewolf :D


First, I am afflicted with major ginger weakness. I luv them! Banshee is pretty ginger. He is also a but cute and dorky with a smart arse edge. His power is multipurpose and flying is cool.

well there really are sooooo many cool characters in the comic, most of the ones I like only have little parts really but there are two mega stand out as my absolute favorites.


Seriously does anyone not like gambit? He is a hot bad boy with a cute accent and totally has that dark mysterious thing going on.


Ahhh really probably my favorite. Magneto. He is the baddest, smartest but you can totally sympathize with his cause. Super powerful mutant powers and a sense of refinement and culture hahaha. LOVE HIM! I think he is great in the movies and the comic.

I might make a girls post next :)

UPDATE: I started writing this post yesterday and last night I had a dream about Azazel! I had a dream he was going around impregnating people secretly as after he had impregnated people he erased their memory of it. I was annoyed when I found out he had impregnated me then erased the experience and followed him around telling him off, very funny!


Cassykins said...

I'll be honestly I keep avoiding my friend's suggestion that we go see the new Xmen. I haven't been a fan of the movies so far, but perhaps I should just give it a shot. As always, though, needs more Gambit.

Lycanthropica said...

I know seriously!? when can we have a proper real gambit in a movie?!
I would suggest watching this one even if you didn't like the other ones, especially so!
It's very different and very good!
Gambit is like cowbell! NEED MOAR