Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Nail Tradgey

So one of the things that was not so cool about learning the harp is that I had to cut all my finger nails off, and crack them off as they were acrylic.

Now my nails are short and ugly *pout* and waiting for them to grow out is very annoying.
It has made me depressed and I am unhappy with any polish I wear at the moment :(

Until, when I was going through my blog reader and there was something extra interesting on a great nail polish blog called All Lacquered Up. Michelle's latest post was a link to another nail polish blog - Chloe's Nails.

WOW Chloe's blog is full of interesting and amazing scotch tape manicures!

The two below are some of my absolute favorites! (click on them for the link)

I am a big fan of scotch tape manicures, I used to do my 'Burlesque - naked moon' manicure using tape.

Check out Chloe's post about using Scotch Tape here.

Needless to say they has inspired me to do something a bit more exciting once my nails grow a bit.

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TGW said...

Wow these look really awesome. This is definitely a technique I'm going to have to try out. Hehe my nail are short all the time, I can't stand having them long at all, lol!