Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lord of the Rings Cross stitch - who wouldn't love one?

Non make up post for today!

In summer which was over in March it is far too hot to knit many things, and I get bored with things far too easily. So I decided to learn cross stitch.

Cross stitch is a sort of different kind of relaxing to knitting, I find the actual act or stitching much easier because you are pretty much just doing crosses. I suppose it can be likened to Gater or stocking stitch in the knitting world but I hardly ever knit something that simple.

The harder part is that you have to stare at little squares to see where you are and you have to thread a needle all the time which is annoying.

Anyway, this is my first attempt and I am pretty happy. It's a birthday present for a friend who loves Lord of the Rings (it's a Gandalf quote)

I got the pattern from super cool Etsy store Bombastitch.

There are other great patterns like these:

Kristy from Bombastitch also has completed cross stitches for sale for very reasonable prices :)
$4 for a pdf pattern and instructions is great! Check out her store!


VijiiS said...

Those look awesome. I'm gonna favorite that shop for a later date!

Cassykins said...

My mom is a cross-stitcher (counted only, never printed) Personally I just don't have the patience. I can't even bother to thread a needle to mend clothes let alone do it for a non-necessity!