Monday, May 16, 2011

The MAC Incident

So you see a lot of people who love MAC, people who refuse to buy MAC and a bunch of degrees of between the love end to the hate end of the spectrum.

I like some MAC products, others I think are fad-ish and a waste of space and some are just unremarkable.

Nail polish is a good example, over priced and not very unique is what I think of most MAC nail polishes, however I LOVE Biker Blue (from Jeanius) and it is one of my fav polishes at the moment. I'm wearing it right now! Tricolour Lipglass is another item I don't really get, it doesn't really go on tri coloured at all.

They have great things too, Viva Glam 1 lipstick, CCB's, Naughty & Haute Mascara.

I like the penultimate Eyeliner (but the jumbo one is unusable as it is MASSIVE)

Also selling eye shadows in just pans is awesome if you want a lot and want to take them places.

The other thing that doesn't sell me or totally turn me off MAC are the collections.

They Disney villains was amazing, and quite cute was great, but I find collections like Jeanius and this new beach one very boring and sort of tacky.

A few people complain about customer service, I have never experienced really bad service, and on one occasion the Sydney PRO store saved some of the Villains items for me for a day so I could buy them, which they don't have to do and items were selling out fast to that was nice.

So being an 'I think MAC is ok' I was happy to buy the new Quite Cute lipstick Candy Yum Yum. Hot pink is my new obsession and this lipstick is the IT of hot pink!

I went to my local MAC counter to try it. It was sold out there but I knew it was still available on the Australian website but I thought I should check it out IRL before I bought it. I swatched it on my arm then went around to all the other counters swatching their other pinks, there really wasn't anything like it.

Needless to say I rushed home and ordered it (along with Morange and Lady GaGa Viva Glam 2) I was sooooo excited but 9 days later my order had not arrived.

I logged into the website to check my order status which was still in 'Received', meaning they had received my order. You can’t email customer service so I had to call ( I hate calling people!) The girl who answered (Mandy) was really nice and helpful, took my details and said she would call me back. Within 20 mins she had called me back saying that she had the warehouse looking for my order and if they didn’t find it she would get the items and express post them to me herself and email me letting me know by tomorrow morning.

The next day I hadn’t heard anything by 2pm so I called back again, got Mandy again, she said she that she hadn’t heard back from the warehouse and she would check and get back to me. 10 mins later she calls back saying she was express shipping my items now with a gift. ‘OOOOOOooo yay’ I think, it’s Friday so I will get it on Monday!

Monday I get my items YAY. Candy Yum Yum is awesome, I look around in the box, no free stuff! I got a bit sad, I don’t need free stuff but it’s a bit sad when someone tells you that you’re going to get some then none turn up. I emailed Mandy back and she told me that the gift had been mailed separately on Monday morning. ‘Ok weird but ok’ I thought and was a bit sad.

That was until Tuesday when I got another MAC package, what was in it? I thought maybe some samples or an ugly lip gloss. NOPE. It was travel size duo fibre brush and palette with 4 eye shadows. WOW awesome I was so excited.

So even though my stuff got lost I got it, and more cool stuff to boot.

Now Candy Yum Yum is sold out online too, I will treasure mine!

I write more about the actual products but for now enjoy and iphone photo of me at work enjoying my new lipstick!


Cassykins said...

Jealous, I missed out on Candy Yum Yum. I bought a drugstore one that someone said was dupe-ish, but then I got sick and haven't been able to test it. I hope it's at least almost as awesome!

VijiiS said...

You should enjoy that lipstick: it looks great on you!