Monday, May 9, 2011

M I A . . . Where is Holly?

The end of April and the start of May have sucked for me.
I have been battling a flu virus for weeks and it was slowly working me down.
Just on easter it struck, I had to have a few days of work.

Unfortunately, one of the coolest industrial shows ever was on on Good Friday.

The killer Band Nachtmahr was finally in Australia with Grendel and Cervello Elettronico, who I also love.


To make it even cooler my besty best friends band Shiv-r were supporting.

Shiv-r pics by Jacqueline Jane

Whenever they play and I am free I end up being their, make up/costume/ merch bish.
It can be stressful and a bit of work but also super fun and we get to hang out backstage and get really drunk (and watch everyone change out of their sweaty stage outfits!)

Here is Wendy from Shiv-r and I with Thomas from Nachtmahr, all quite drunk being nerd backstage.

Here is the token waaassttedd iphone photo of Pete and Wendy (Shiv-r) and I
We are so drunk we are actually drinking beer!

I will post a few more pictures of us later as my make up and hair was awesome.
Needless to say we stayed out quite late, it's winter here, so it's cold and this made my flu very very bad.

I was barely surviving and getting through work, sleeping as soon as I got home.
Then last week I was soooo sick I couldn't get out of bed, so I decided to go to the doctor.
I noticed my little toe on my left foot looked bruised so I figured I would ask about that too.

Turns out it was broken! Who would have thought!

'OMG Holly how did you not notice your toe was broken?!' you ask?
Well if you don't know me IRL and haven't noticed in the above pictures I am actually in a wheelchair. I can't feel my legs from my knees down so had NO IDEA that my foot was even hurt.
Poor little toe! I have to go back for an x-ray in 6 weeks to see if it healed ok.
I was surprised that they actually don't do anything for a broken toe, they can tape it to your other toe but that's about it. Since I don't walk around on it there was no point taping.

Unfortunately I had chosen this time in my life where I was dying of the flu and broken myself to take the initiative to start a few thing I have really wanted to do.

So a few weeks prior I mad an appointment with a Harp Teacher!
Owen Torr, he is awesome and has played with the Sydney Symphony and Australian Chamber Orchestra plus more.

Here is me sucking at harp practice while dying of the flu.

The other more exciting part of my new life initiative was to enrol in the Make up college 3Arts here in Sydney.
It was the first make up school in Australia, is awesome and conveniently is a 15 min walk from my house. I will post about this a bit more soon, with pics!

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Cassykins said...

You managed to do way more while sick than anyone I know! The broken toe thing stinks. I think I broke one of mine a couple of years back, but knew the doctor doesn't do anything about it anyway, so I never went to find out for sure. Can't wait to hear more about this makeup school thing!