Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Ended - comedy, party, latex

Wow so It's Monday again already! The weekend went so quickly.
I had meant to write up a few posts about all the things that had been going on make up wise.
Life totally got in the way and I was busy all weekend. Friday night I went to a comedy show at Sydney Entertainment Quarter. We went to see one guy in Particular, Steve Huges.

Above is Steve Huges, he is a stand up comedian and used to play in some amazing heavy metal bands, if you don't mind swearing a lot look him up on youtube.

There were a few supports, and being that I am not very impressed with many comedians (mostly because I am frigging hilarious all day every day Bwhahahaha) I was prepared to be bored. Then out onto the stage comes Rhys Nicholson (pictured above) My first thought was 'hmm this guy looks like a really gay version of Matt Smith from Dr Who" which is awesome. In addition to that he was soooo gay and totally hilarious. I laughed my face off, so that was a nice surprise. We went out into Newtown for some drinks after but everyone was a bit tired and our energy petered out and we all went home at about 2am.

On Saturday I had make up college which was 'smokey' eye which I found infinitely easier than the normal shadow in the crease look. Probably because I am used to packing dark make up around my eyes. Hahaha!

Saturday night my friend Chris was singing with a glam metal cover band and wanted me to do some Pink and Black make up on him. I also had to go to a housewarming party and a bunch of friends came over beforehand so we drank and played Rock Band while I did some make up then I played too while we wasted time before we went to the party. I will have to post some pics because my hair looks great heh!

Another cool thing is last week I weighed myself and found I weigh 72kg, I have lost 7kg since I started Weight Watchers in Normal0 falsefalsefalse EN-AUX-NONEX-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 February. I have lost 500g a week every week, that's half of what I want to be losing per week but at least it's constant and I am not being very strict or exercising that much, so I am happy.

For motivational purposes I have been checking out some latex outfits I LOVE. Both the below are made by Ooh La La Latex on Etsy. I haven't bought anything from them yet but I have been asking questions about items and their responses are always quick and the items are custom made.

I think I am going to get the spiky bra for myself when I get my bonus next month, the other I will have to wait till I get rid of a bit more weight. I plan to wear my waist cincher corset with them as no matter how skinny I get I don't like showing off my tummy :o

Anyone else love/hate live comedy?
Who loves/hates latex?


Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Who loves latex? I DO! (Don't tell anyone!) I just got a few things from this site, you may like it:
Also, waist cinchers are my saviour!

Lycanthropica said...

WOW! Ego Assassin is really great! Love the Circuit Board MicroPlung top!! thanks for the link! :) Yes YaY to cinchers! I can just fit back into mine now