Tuesday, January 24, 2012

FOTD - Green Goth Geek w/ Purple Contact Lenses

Hai everyone!

I don't know if I have mentioned but I pretty much never put on make up for the specific reason of blogging. All the looks I post are just the make up I happen to be wearing that day/night.

Today is a different story! This one is just for you!

I pretty much realised I don't do make up just for this blog because I am always in a rush to go do something! Half way through this I had to rush off so I have no eyebrows or mascara on! (I fixed that up on the train to my destination)

On my Face:
Illamasqua Powder Foundation
Smashbox Softlights Powder - Dolice Vita

On my Eyes:
NYX Jumbo Pencil - Royal Mountain Green
Sugarpill Eyeshadow - Tako
Make Up Store Cybershadow - Gingerleaf
Smashbox Eyeshadow - Digital
Fyrinnae - Pixie Epoxy
Shiro Cosmetics loose e/s - Bulbasaur
Morgana Cryptoria loose e/s - Isis
Morgana Cryptoria loose e/s -Lady of the Lake
Eyeko Graffiti liner - Black
MAC Mascara - Haute & Naughty

(omg how badly have I applied this! hahaha!)

On My Lips:
Venomous Cosmetics Lip Poison - Hysteria

Contact Lenses
Random ebay -Doll E.Y.E Violet

I am pretty dissapointed with how subtle these lenses are :( they are just a bit too dark for my taste I think.

I had to post these pics while I had them shadows out.

Poor Make Up Store, they are so under rated, I would say easily as great at MAC, same price here in Australia and with more usefull diversety and less token limited edition stuff.

These are two of my fav of their Cybershadows. Buzzer and Gingerleaf, I used Gingerleaf in the above look but not buzzer. Buzzer looks totally liquid holographic when applied over a black base. I will have to do a look like that for you!

Here is a nice lil pic of the loose shadows I used. Bulbasaur, Isis & Lady of the Lake.
I love this combo!

I had to include this pic to show off the reason I am wearing a blue shirt. (I never where blue) Do you guys know what shirt it is? :D


CottonCandyINK said...

i love your glasses

Cassykins said...

Aww, just for us! hehe. Your face reminds me of my bff sometimes, especially your eyes. This makes me happy.

As for your shirt, it's something Star Trek, yes? I only know a tiny bit about the show from when my dad used to watch it. Don't remember much, though.

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I believe the shirt is Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock from the Big Bang Theory, lol! I like all of the blues and teals that you have going on! I've been looking for some sweet contacts but I can never find ones I like that are prescription (I am blind as a bat, unfortunately).

Lycanthropica said...

You win 10 internets, that is what my shirt is :) haha I wear non prescription contacts and the glasses over the top. The only time I am not wearing my glasses really is when I am taking photos of make up! hahaha

Lycanthropica said...

close! as the spock part is from Star Trek tehehe. I'm glad I remind you of someone you like :) not a mean enemy or something hahaha

Lycanthropica said...

thanks, I have 3 pairs but these are my favs