Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sexy Wounds for Halloween - Tutorial

I originally started just writing about my make up from last Saturday night but then thought I should make a little tutorial for you all. I did the pictured wound on the inside of my fore arm and it took probably 5 mins max so this is a good quick trick for halloween or any other time you need to look gross :D

Om Nom Nom Holly flavour!

Wooo Hooo Halloween! My housemate and I were getting psyched up for halloween.
It's a bit special to goths here because they sort of get into it more than anyone else, because Australia doesn't celebrate halloween, so it's basically a time for goths to be more goth. :D

The weekend just gone there was a goth club which was medical themed, I decided that there would be too many nurses present (that being a goth chick favourite) so I thought I might be a patient. I sort of imagined that I had been scratched by a werewolf hahahaha. So I wore some purple and black outfit with my skeleton singlet and made some wounds on my face and chest.

Vodka and rasberry red tounge! Clearly I have drunk many at this point.

So these wounds are so easy to do! I have seen a few tutorials about doing them, which are all pretty good but I will still do a little run down on how I did this and what I used.

First thing; some of the beauty bloggers who have done tutorials suggest using eyelash glue to do these types of things. That is fine if you decide on having a wound on the night that need one.
The problem is that eyelash glue is very expensive and not as adhesive as liquid latex.

So if you have a few days notice that you might want to do this, find some liquid latex, you will not be disappointed. I got some from my make up college in Sydney, it got about $9 for a small bottle (compared to $15 for a tiny tube that's nothing)

latex vs eyelash glue

You can use your hands, a brush, a stick or anything to put it on your face. I used an old paint brush (not a nice make up brush). It's so easy, seriously, you just blob it on your face, paint it on, once it dries a bit blob more on.

2 layers of latex

If you want to build it up a bit stick some torn up tissue on your face where the latex is and then paint more latex over it. For a freshly injured look tear a bit of the latex up. That's it for the latex.

Stuck on some tissues, paint latex over then tear it a bit

Next is painting the wound, this is really the make or break part of this process. If you are doing it at home with your normal everyday make up DO NOT USE SHIMMER. It will look fake and wrong! Matte WTF with this type of thing. So if you use normal make up use eye shadows, eyeliners and blush in reds, burgundy, browns in matte.

Some Indie companies have made some cute zombie kits that might be good for this if you don't have the colours but don't want to buy SFX only make up.

I normally use Ben Nye oil based Cream Foundation normally and this is great for covering the parts of latex you want to be skin coloured too(lucky me!) You have to powder it to set properly. You can just use normal foundation but it will need to have good coverage, tinted moisturizer probably won't be heavy enough.

Ben Nye Creme coverage!
Obviously this does not match well on my albino inside arm haha

I used a BenNye Severe Exposure Wheel to colour in and around the wounds
In all seriousness, this made the difference. The colours being specifically developed for this, you hardly had to try to make it look great.I used the very red in the centre moving out with the darker colours then then fleshy pink colour around the very outside. I also powdered the wounds so stuff didn't get on my clothes and wig!

After a quick go with the BN wheel.

My well loved Ben Nye foundation and new colour wheel

Now you are all coloured up you can add the Blllooooooddd. This is he fun bit right!
Because I can see myself doing this a fair bit for friends (and myself) I bought good quality SFX blood. I got two kinds, Ben Nye Thick Blood and Stage Blood(mint flavor nom nom!)
The Thick blood is what really sells this I think and for $11 sooooo worth it.

which blood type are you? mwahahaha

The thick blood is so thick, it's thicker than jam which means it stays where you put it (it also stays wet) and looks amazing for ages. You only need a tiny amount as well.

This is with just Thick Blood pushed around the inside with a stiff brush

Next is the stage blood, it is like the cheap fake blood but it is yum mint flavor!
I squirted a bit on with a syringe and then carried it around in my handbag to top up my gross factor through the night.

The finished wound!

If you make a wound I want to see! Post a link in the comments!

My housemate Rachel and I, Yeah we aren't wasted


Cassykins said...

I like it! Also loving the wig (guessing wig) Purple looks fantastic on you ;)

VijiiS said...

Seeing the picture of that would made me gag a little--in a good way! Delightfully gross.

Brian Blacknick said...

That is one nasty looking wound! Great tutorial!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Awesome tutorial! I might try something on Halloween with the eyelash glue. I didn't know that Halloween is not celebrated in Australia.