Friday, July 15, 2011

Slytherin Make up

Ok so if there ever was a time for me to wear green eyeshadow, it was this week!

With the final Harry Potter movie coming out everyone is excited! Weeeeeeee!
When I thought it couldn't get any more exciting yesterday some stuff I ordered from Hot Topic arrived and what was in there?! A Slytherin Varsity cardigan!

Here I am thinking snakey thoughts :)~

I was going to juggling practice in the afternoon and then into the city so I decided to wear my awesome new anti-muggle garment with some matching make up (a no no, I know)

For this look I used a bunch of small pressed shadows from Venomous Cosmetics
OCC tint on my face and Mac Briar Rose Beauty powder as blush.
I was wearing an inglot lip gloss but later switched to..... new favorite lip thing ever, High Voltage Cosmetics Lip Candy in Devious

And I thought I should include some pics of my with my glasses on as I don't really ever go anywhere without them on (unless very drunk!)


Cassykins said...

So excited for HP, but also sad. When I go, I'll probably wear my Ravenclaw makeup

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

LOVE the orange lips with your hair! The green makeup rocks, too! I hate when people say you shouldn't match your makeup to your clothes, I like when things match.

Lycanthropica said...

Thanks I am seriously in love with this lip colour, you can't tell in the pictures but it has an amazing luminosity and shimmer.
It's a very goth thing to match colour hahah so I am ok with it having done it most of my life :)

Lycanthropica said...

I can so imagine you as a Ravenclaw! :) I don't want Tom Riddle to leave noooooo!