Friday, July 22, 2011

The Best Perfume for the Alternative Individual Ever

...well the one of my top three. I can't really pick which is my favorite out of my top three.

It can be difficult choosing perfume online because obviously you can't smell them.
Some descriptions are really great but the simple fact is some things smell different to different people. Due to this fact some people may be hesitant to buy perfume online.
To these people I would say 'Don't be!' Most awesome places sell samples very cheap with very reasonable shipping.

Some people might think 'why would I buy something I might hate?'
Well chances are that if you have read the description and like the sound of it you won't hate it and the chance of finding a scent you love it so worth it. Also if I hate it after all that it's usually easy to find someone who does like it and I just give it to them.

Perfume is so important to me, I love to be sitting at my desk doing my not exciting IT job and catching the smell of a mossy stream or a ripe apple tree.
Even better is hanging out with people, meeting new people and them commenting on how great you smell :)

Today I want to talk about The Morbid the Merrier.

Firstly, is that not the coolest shop name ever in the world?!
Yes, Yes it is.
Also Lysa the owner/maker is super nice and genuine, and drives a hearse!

Also they have a little sort of mini brand called Odditoria which is sold in the The Morbid the Merrier shop and it a little bit different from their normal stuff.

They have a great range of oil perfumes as well as some Eau de Parfum.
More recently they have released some solid perfume, lip balms, bath salts and lotions.

I have been writing this post for weeks and am kind of glad it delayed because in my most recent order I purchased two things that are nearly my favorite items from TMTM.

Lets start with the older stuff that is my favorite.

Lip Balms! this is just one of the ones they have that REALLY stood out to me.

'Embrace your inner harlot.
Juicy Apple + ooey gooey caramel
This balm is made with high quality oils, creamy butters, vitamin E, and organic beeswax. Glides on silky smooth, not too greasy, not too waxy.
Each .15 oz ROUND tube comes wrapped lovingly in pretty tissue.'

It smells exactly like gooey caramel and delicious apples. You actually want to eat it.
It's smooth and moisturizing but not sticky or so smooth is just melts right off.
It smells amazing for ages!
My other fav lip balm is their Caravan Flavor, Mint and Clove YUM CLOVE!!!!

Ahh the perfumes. I am hard-pressed to pick a favorite. I love pretty much all of them
So I have picked three very different ones to talk about.

Pretty much before I got into my top 3 indie perfume brands I thought words like this were just fluff people made up to describe the 10 different kinds of patchouli remixes they made.

Turns out I was completely wrong.

I can't speak for brands I haven't tried of course but if TMTM say something smells like how your heart feels, or like a cold forest or whatever it might be I will 100% believe them. Then when I actually get it in the mail I will make an excited *squeeeee* sound because it smells even more like that thing than I thought it could.

El Corazon:
Like the heart, fickle and a bit deceptive.
A heavy, dark, smoky scent with a taunting core of sweetness.

Explaining smells is so difficult, that is the problem with online perfume and I knew it but I don't think I understood until having to do it myself. This is the hardest post I have ever tried to write actually! El Corazon is so smokey that when you sniff it you think *kwaarrr smokey* then just as you are about to go 'no way I could wear this' it changes into a sweet lighter smell, every now an then while you are wearing it the smokey darkness rises up a bit. I love it, compex and so different to everything else I have tried. This would be great for boys and girls

Key notes:
orange blossom, blackened amber, blood orange, whiskey,
and a most decadent Indian white amber.

This one is a has the very signature The Morbid the Merrier, sticky ambery dark heady smell.
A few of their perfumes have this hevey base but with different lighter notes that change each perfume into it's own little creature. This one has a super sweet orange tang. I love orange so much and it's freshness creates a really interesting interaction with the amber smell, very much a girl perfume this one I think.

Fiery jack-o-lanterns, black leather boots, temple incense,
and the edge of a dark Autumn wood. Opens sweet, almost caramel-foody,
but after only a few minutes on the skin, it darkens dramatically,
almost changing into a different scent altogether.

This one is probably my most worn TMTM scent at the moment (especially because it has been winter) It smells exactly like it says. Fire, pumpkin, leather, leaves,incense, AMAZING.
I wear this a lot because 1. I love it. 2.EVERYONE comments when I wear this. Things like 'Can I smell pumpkins?', 'What is that yum smell?', 'What is that warm cake smell?' hahaha.
Peoples reaction when you say it's your perfume range from total excitment to people being sure it's not until you push your wrist in their face. It's a pretty man-ish smell but I wear it anyway.

So I had been writing this post for about a month and a bit but have been taking ages due to life stuff but I am glad I did because while I was dealing with real life I got a new order from TMTM and it contained this baby!

Yes I know patchouli is for hippies, and I am certainly not one, but this really is it's own thing!
You can smell the moss in the damp pathouli earth smell. I want to lick it! I usually hate solid scents as they are either too oily, too dry or just don't smell enough. This is the exception. It's formula is great and it smells for ages! Lysa makes this fragance as a base for some of her creations but decided to sell this as it's own thing and I am so glad she did, it's great by it's self or with another perfume. Very unisex.

I will go over more products at a later stage but that this point in time I will mention one more thing that is is awesome about this brand.

For Halloween, Lysa held a competition on her blog asking all the TMTM fans to submit new ideas for the halloween range. This was so fun and so many great things got suggested. I was so excited when I saw the winning ideas! I can't wait for Thorn to come out, I am a huge Omen fan!

The winners were:
Thorn (for Damien)
Quoth the Raven
Little Drop of Poison
We All Float Down Here

Check out the store HERE

and check out the Lysa's blog HERE


VijiiS said...

You had me at Patchouli. <3 I've been seeing reviews of this place all over!

Lycanthropica said...

Yeah so yumyum! I'm glad they are getting more reviews, they deserve them. I have been buying from them since I saw a reivew of their valentines range this year on Greys blog :)

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

AWESOME REVIEW! Thanks for this, I've been looking to try out a few indie perfume brands to find something a little bit more gothy than Viva La Juicy to wear out. I only wear it out as I have a portable version of it so I am dying to try some of these lovely little vials.Also, you have great taste in scents, I think I would love the ones you picked.