Friday, May 27, 2011

My poor rat baby

I was going to organise some good make up posts today but I had to postpone that as one of my rats has become sick.

I had to take Elric to the vet today. We came back from the vet with two kinds of antibiotics.
The vet says he has the flu and that I also have to start force feeding him more food with a syringe as he seems a bit weak.
Here he is all wrapped up in my scarf after the trip to the vet while I ate a sandwich.


VijiiS said...

AWWW! I hope Elric gets well soon. He's so cute!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Oh the poor thing! He looks like he's nice and warm in your scarf, I hope he gets better soon!

Cassykins said...

I hope Elric is better soon! We're doing the same thing with one of our ferrets right now and it's rough, but the feedings do make a world of difference.