Friday, July 26, 2013

Costume, Cosplay, Consumer of time!!

Hey Everyone

I haven't really been updating this blog much for a few reasons.
One is that I have been really sick, in my mind and body. I have been struggling with my depression really badly but also I have now found out that I have sciatica and have been on an ongoing mission to stop the constant pain I have been experiencing.

Two is a bit more fun. Nearly all my spare time not spent at work or studying has been making costumes!
Ever since my first foray into costuming at a convention in June 2012 I have been obsessed with making costumes and wearing them places.

In Australia we don't get that many opportunities to wear costumes out as we don't have that many conventions due to having such a small and spread out population. So when it's time to go to a Con we all get really excited.

I have finished off a few costumes from Game of Thrones to Star Wars and plenty of stuff in between.

I have been publishing things about them on a blog just for costuming.

A lot of my costumes rely on make up (something which I think a lot of costumers overlook) so you should check it out.

I have done a few make up jobs for various peoples exciting projects and I will post these up here shortly.

I hope everyone is well!



Cassy G said...

Hope you feel better! The costuming is really fun, though. I took a peek and really like your latest. Bright colors get me every time.

Lycanthropica said...

Oh I am glad you liked it. Wait till you see my most recently finished one. I think you will like it :)