Sunday, March 11, 2012

Green hair purple eyes

So I died my hair green while I was away fixing up my IRL life!
I also shaved off my eyebrows which I think is the best thing I have done in ages!

So the weekend after my car accident I became really ill with a virus and was vomiting up everything I ate or drank for 48 hours. It was horrible, I couldn't get out of bed, I couldn't eat or drink and it was so hard to sleep because I felt so ill.

The week following that I got a flu. I couldn't talk or eat solid things as my throat was killing me.
I still have a cough and loose my voice at the drop of a hat now :(

The silver lining to being run over by a taxi and your wheelchair being ruined?
You get to pick new wheels! After much deliberation I decided to get the more expensive but totally the most awesome sexiest tough brutal cyber wheels ever made!!

I love them soooooo much!!!

These photos were from 3 weeks ago and it was the first time I had worn make up or lenses since I got hit. These are plain purple lenses. I Like their high impact. Also these are new super huge eyelashes from BYS (a cheap Australian brand found in dollar shops and cheap department stores) they are pretty plasticy so can be hard to glue on but for 7 bucks they look AWESOME

How is everyone? I missed you all! I have over 1000 unread blog posts in my reader! :o


Lady Bethezda said...

Love your haircolor and huzzah for shaving your brows. I agree, it's the best thing I ever did also.
Nice wheels! :)

Cassykins said...

Your new hair looks amazing! I'm glad you're finally getting to show it off, that's a total bummer that you've been so sick (and after all you'd already been through!) I like your new chair a lot, the wheels are all fancy like you went on Pimp My Ride, lol

Lycanthropica said...

Hahaha I wish I could go on pimp my ride! they could give me a heated cushion and a drink holder or something! hahaha!

Lycanthropica said...

thanks Lady B! I am so out of practice drawing them on tho! Yours look great, Jealous!

Vulcan Butterfly said...

I'm glad you are feeling better since the accident! Sounds like you've been pretty sick lately :( Love the new wheels, those are pretty awesome! Green hair suits you really well!! I've been toying with the idea of removing my eyebrows for quite some time but I think the people at my work will think I've lost it or something. I am probably going to do it for when I go to Festival Kinetik in May this year. Eyebrows that are drawn on always look so cool!

Lycanthropica said...

If you take your brows off you will love it!! I draw mine on natural at work and no one realize. When I draw them on green people go how did you dye your eyebrows and I am like 'they are drawn on' The trick is to use pencil then go over with powder :)
I was supposed to be going to Kinetik this year I am so sad I'm not because we could have hung out!