Sunday, January 8, 2012

Best Cyber Wig Ever - Videos are fun

Hello hawt interwebs people!! Look at my wiiiiggggg!

Goggles and glasses together looks werid!
Ahhh Monday morning here, Yay (I think :s)

What a hilarious and awesome weekend! Much fun and sillyness was had with my housemate Rachel aka Cold-Blooded Angel and our friend Mellie.

Have you heard of Industrial Dancing? It is a kind of dancing, that funnily enought is done to industrial music. The latest goffik internet craze is making cute/funny or just cool videos of people doing these dances, sometimes in hilarious places or just out in public.

Here is an example I like (it's both good and bad, serious but also funny)

We all love these videos and can't enough of watching them, and since our group of friends and funny and cool(of course hah!) we decided we would make one of these videos. We had about 8 people lined up to do it but of course everyone piked on us so it was Just Rachel, Mellie and me.

What a great excuse to wear my new wig and contact lenses! I did sort of simple make up with big bottom lashes as the video was being done at night and I wanted to draw people into the contacts.

Unfortunately I was sober during the whole event ( I am not drinking till June and have already gone nearly two months without drinking!) but Mellie and Rach were drunk enought on my behalf. After the video making we watched Backstreet Boys videos on youtube and danced to them.

I got two great photos of Rach and Mellie while we were filming, you can't see their make up but the photos are awesome so I am going to include them! I will have some pics of Rach and Mellies make up later on as they looked awesome with Mellie being all white and Rach all black :)

Rach Rocking out

Mellie doing her thing


CottonCandyINK said...

love the wig and the glasses

Lycanthropica said...

Thanks :) they are my favs. I have to wear glasses all day everyday and hardly any of the pics on here had me wearing them so I took one haha :) So obssessed with the wig I want to wear it all the time but it's summer here and toooooo hot

McMurder said...

Love the wig!! Those eyelashes look killer on you too!!

Lycanthropica said...

thanks :) I thought the lashes were too huge but looking back I really like them

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Sweet! I love industrial dance videos. Check out Tank9's YouTube channel if you like them. I enjoy that wig, I've worn synth dreads/cyberlox a lot but I've actually never worn a wig before! Do you need something to wear under it to cover your hair? Do they stay on well?
Anyway, I enjoy how your whole look came together with the wig and matching makeup colours along with the lashes, goggles, and contacts! Nicely done! Did you put your video on YouTube?

Anh5556 said...

whered you get that wig?????