Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Asajj Ventress Costume!

Don't know who that is?
Well she is a super cool chatacter from Star Wars Clone Wars.
A Sith who hangs out with Count Dooku and tries to kill Anikan Skywaler a lot.

My friend was having a Sci Fi dress up birthday party and was going as a TIE fighter pilot so I thought great time to dress up as a star wars character!

I had been working on my costume for a few weeks here and there and was getting excited as I had made most of the thing myself YAY.
I also bought a bald cap and some eyebrow was to cover up my eyebrows.

Ventress in the comic

Ventress by PlanetDarkOne and Ventress by Shadow--ArtisT

Here are two of my favorite fan art for Ventress.
These I used to base my costume on for the most part.

So the weekend rolled around for the party and it was a very full weekend.
I had to go to the 'first annual gothic picnic' in the morning and then watch a friends band in the afternoon and then leave to get ready for the party. By the time I was getting ready
I was tired and annoyed and couldn't be bothered but solidered on for the sake of my friend who's birthday it was.
I had run out of time to mess around with the bald cap and with the eyebrow wax so I had to put body paint in my hair and hairspray my eyebrows down.
So here is my rish job with no good pics of my costume.
I think I will do a better photo shoot when I have some more time to do it properly.

Clearly my boobs aren't white enough either hahaha. Still I was happy for a rush job.

Turned out hardly anyone was in fancy dress either so I was annoyed at them and sad for my friend (whos party it was)

my rush job

Also look at the amazing cake she made!!


Cassykins said...

That's pretty darn good for being in a rush and only in a so/so mood about even doing anything. I'm not a Star Wars kinda person, but this particular character looks pretty neat. Oh, and that cake is totally freaking me out. Well done, but so creepy

Lycanthropica said...

Hahah the cake was way less scary after we nommed a bunch of it up :)

VijiiS said...

That costume is sexy. Also, the cake? I love the coloring job she did. I'd *hate* to eat that; it's too pretty!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Awesome costume! I agree, there is never enough time to get ready for anything! Is that an alien cake? SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! The first annual gothic picnic sounds like a good time!

Lycanthropica said...

picnic was so funny all this black in a green park, it was awesome! Yes that is an alien cake! I was so sad when we had to eat it!

Lycanthropica said...

thanks I love sexy costumes hahaha
yeah we stood around the cake for a while not wanting to cut it hahahah!