Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So I am not usually a purple fan but lately my love of make up and nail polish have been making me attracted to all these colours I wouldn't have worn in the past.

Which is why I decided while at the nail salon getting my broken nails fixed that I would try OPI Ink.

This polish is from the Night Brights collection. I love My Private Jet from that collecton.
Ink is sort of a purpley blue-ish colour with a crazy pink shimmer.

It really looks very different in all different lights. I couldn't stop looking at my nails!

Sorry for the horrific iphone pics but even in this dodge picture above you can see the hints of pink shimmery goodness.

In the below picture it looks totally different, way more blue!

Try this out if you like shimmer, blue or purple. It's great.

Sorry for the iphone photography but I am trying to keep to my posting schedule even while my camera is broken. :(

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