Monday, January 24, 2011

You don't know the power of the dark side, I must obey my master.

...I had been meaning to do some posts about make up that doesn't get blogged about much and so when Ana a reader of Greys awesome blog asked for Yellow swatches I had to obey!

There was some discussion on Grey's blog about Inglot. I love Inglot and think they are totally unappreciated in the make up blog world so was happy to show some swatches of their stuff compared to other yellows.

So below you will find some yellow swatches and a bit about the products.

So the pressed shadows are over TFSS and the loose are over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.

The colours in the swatches are:
Pressed shadows:
Sugarpill - Buttercupcake
Inglot- AMC eyeshadow - #60 (this is the pressed eyeshadow)
The Make Up Store -Cybershadow - Ra

Loose Shadows:
HiFi Cosmetics - Rise to fame
Inglot - AMC Pure Pigment - #29
Ben Nye - pigment - Sun Yellow
Shiro Cosmetics - Weepinbell
Spectrum Cosmetics(the one on etsy) - Submarine

A bit about them:

Well originally Ana posted that she wanted a yellow off with Mac, Inglot and Sugarpill.
I don't have any Mac yellows and I think that Make Up Store is not represented enough on the blog scene, they are great! So I threw in Ra cybershadow and some other yellows I had lying around.

Sugarpill - Buttercupcake: What can you say about it? It is SO yellow. Matte-ish with tiny tiny sparkle. This goes on amazing even without primer.

Inglot- AMC eyeshadow - #60: This again is just very yellow but in the container is looks like it has more sparkle to it by a long way. This sparkle doesn't really come out on your skin at all.
I have to use a good primer or base to get this colour out without looking sheer and is it not nearly as blend able as Sugarpill or Make up Store, I put this down to it's sheerness. I guess it's not as pigmented as it seems, would be good if you wanted a subtle yellow but not a light yellow.

The Make Up Store -Cybershadow - Ra: If this was food I would eat it for every meal! Really this is as good as Sugarpill and sugarpill is as good as this one. The only difference is that Ra is way more shimmery. SO blendalicious and yellow and strong *luv*

HiFi Cosmetics - Rise to fame: I threw this one is as it was a cool yellow I had. It is slightly lighter and cooler than the other three above and very very shimmery/sparkly, I think it would go great in a chartreuse / green look. It is very strong over PE and blends well.

Inglot - AMC Pure Pigment - #29: Over PE this is like a yellow punch in your face. I love it. It's very true yellow, very shimmery and very very pigmented.

Ben Nye - pigment - Sun Yellow: Everyone knows these pigments are good and plain and what they say they are really. This is a plain sun yellow very strong pigment, works well with PE.

Shiro Cosmetics - Weepinbell: I threw this one in because it's new and I am excited about it.
I love Pokemon. (Remember when that weepinbell kept eating James head?!)
This is a light cool yellow that would probably go awesome with the HiFi shadow or any green look. Very shimmery nomnomnom!

Spectrum Cosmetics(the one on etsy) - Submarine: This is so yellow that sometimes when I put it on it looks more of a cool colour some how, I'm not sure how that happens. It's a plain matte yellow loose shadow. The Payoff over PE is so different to just normal base. You must use PE with this!

For a pure yellow pressed shadow I would have to vote for Buttercupcake or Ra, depending on what level of shimmer you want.

Here they are in the containers
(top, left to right) Inglot #60, Sugarpill Buttercupcake, Shiro Weepinbell.
(bottom, left to right) Make Up Store Ra, Inglot #29, Ben Nye Sun Yellow, Spectrum Submarine.
oops I left out Rise to Fame sorry!


Ana said...

It's another Ana :) , not short for anything.
I think the awesometastic Anastasia posts under her full name on Grey's blog.

Eh, we both do a double-take when we see the other one's name :D .

Thank you for the post - and the extensiveness of it!

lycanthropica said...

Oh sorry!, I fixed up the post :)
you must have been the first kid in kindergarten to be able to spell your name! hehehe.

Ana said...

Np, of course.

There are a lot of Anas and we have phonetic spelling, so spelling wasn't that big of a problem XD .

Ana said...

Np, of course.

There are a lot of Anas and we have phonetic spelling, so spelling wasn't that big of a problem XD .