Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Love Knitted Mittens

I live in Australia; it's seldom cold enough for gloves in the moderate city or Sydney, let alone Mittens. But how cute are mittens? Too cute! I also have the added benefit not knowing how annoying it is to have to wear them so I love them.
These musing on mittens were brought on by Morehouse Merino releasing this very cute Owl Mitten pattern as part of a knitting kit.

In celebration I thought I would share some of my other favourite mitten patterns.

These cute owls are the Owlie Owl Mittens by Betsy Farquhar
Click on the pic to check out her other designs.

Both the above Fishermans Friend and Cat Mittens are by Jorid Linvik
Click on them to see more Norwegian knitting awesomeness.

I love the above mittens and their creators are amazing but the below two are my absolute favourites, for totally opposite reasons.

These are called Glitten by Laris Designs.
They are called this because they are glove/mittens.
I love the technical cable style and the fact that they are a revolutionary clothing item!
Also they remind me of Spock!!

Deep Blue Sea Shark Mittens by Breeanna Sveum (click on sharkeys for her blog)
Simple simple knit but so cute and funny.
I would wear these in summer at the beach!

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