Tuesday, January 20, 2009

viking beanie

viking beanie
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Finished this one today.
A present for my friend who loves Vikings.

Pattern i bought off etsy by candy pop creations
it's an ok pattern but probably a bit on the expensive side and i noticed that the completed hats for sale are $85 which i think is overpriced.

I made this a bit larger and longer by adding a few more rows
I also added a second slip stitch row as i thought it looked a bit cooler
NB: do your slip stitches LOOOOOSE because they make the beanie really tight otherwise :)

Oh yeah i also ommited the funfur bit and instead did those rows with the main colour as i thought the fur was a bit tacky and using MC looked like it was joined better and easier to hide my stitches.

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The Holistic Knitter said...

This is so cool.
I once went to an U-helly-a when I was staying in the Sheltands. This would have been perfect to wear as they burnt the Viking boat on the water ;0)